We are a small company, located 70 km to the North of Prague. We develop since 1997 for Rockwell Automation, Cleveland via Zypcom,Inc., located in Silicon Valley.

We started with some fixes in Motorola assembler, continued with unnumbered link technology and implementation of IGMP snooping and RSTP in 2004, Ethernet/IP stack on Coldfire., integration into their RSLogix, based on MS COM.

Currently now we finished hardware development of a new device with Qoriq ARM, which was selected by Rockwell as a fastest solution available for their needs. We ported an application from previous platform, but there are still some tasks to be done + we need to integrate new, Java based application, which is being developed by another, 25 people team. The CPU has a support for virtualization, DPAA, I think it is powerful enough to fulfill Wireshark based application, for which the previous platform has insufficient power. Customer is interested in an intelligent triggers.

More info about the used CPU is here: https://www.nxp.com/products/processors-and-microcontrollers/arm-based-processors-and-mcus/qoriq-layerscape-arm-processors/qoriq-layerscape-1020a-and-1022a-dual-core-processors:LS1020A

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