There are additional functions with the new firmware version 2.0 for the SM2-MU, which we regularly inform you about, but also a new, more modern design of the user interface with responsive performance.

What can you expect?

  • redesigned menu in new colors with clearer letters
  • quick setup guide (wizard), which will help you to set up the unit, starts automatically after the first power up
  • individual items in the menu and in the settings were completed with graphic icons, which help you with quicker orientation and easier understanding of their meaning
  • we have added a page for data visualization on LCD panel in HD resolution
  • clearly arranged bar charts with a complete production history (up to 3 production sources) as a replacement for the Flash application
  • the interface is optimized for various web browsers



Setup Guide - Wizard

Serves for easy and quick initial setup of the whole Solar Monitor modular system.

wizard en


  • is there for you from the first power up of the unit
  • helps with the basic configuration of the SM2-MU step by step
  • your unit is ready to monitor after eight steps

 wizard2 en


Do you like the new webdesign and would you like to have it in your Solar Monitor as well?

An easy firmware upgrade in the SM2-MU to the latest version is available for all models from the firmware version 1.0.04.
Older firmware versions can be upgraded in our establishment.

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