We have added to production data a possibility to read consumption and supply into the grid from a connected meter as long as the meter directly works with the energy. Otherwise Solar Monitor calculates it from obtained current and voltage values, like with the GreenBonO regulator.

Consumption and supply are displayed in clearly arranged graphs at the Portal, where they are completed with own and total consumption values. Consumption and supply graph is available at the Portal for users of the service Online Reports (Výkazy Online), whose accounts are paired with OTE Portal and therefore they have data from a four-quadrant electricity meter available. The difference is that contrary to the added meter, OTE data is available only for the previous month.

The amount of produced and consumed energy in your system in stated period of time can be clearly shown at the Portal and you can choose from two ways of graphic representations.

Newly, by simply clicking the icon ikona on the right above the bar chart you change it into pie chart.

  • The pie chart Výroba (Production) shows you the percentage of the produced energy you have consumed (brown) and the one you have supplied (blue) into the grid.
  • The pie chart Spotřeba (Consumption) shows how big part of the totally consumed energy you have taken from the grid (purple/pink) and what was covered by your power plant production (brown).

vysecovy graf


Back to the bar chart you can go by clicking the icon ikona sg on the right above the pie chart.

 sloupcovy graf


More information about the Solar Monitor Portal can be found at the web and wikipedia.