We have added support for communication with GreenBonO regulator into the SM2-MU unit.

GreenBonO bigSM2-MU unit communicates with GreenBonO regulator via Modbus / RTU protocol through RS485 bus. The regulator is used to optimize self-consumption due to the PV plant's production, it controls consumption of appliances to use electricity surplus and thereby minimizes overflows into the grid.

  • GreenBonO regulator measures currents in each of the 3 phases, voltage is measured only at 1 phase.
  • We compute and display production and consumption from the measured current and voltage values.
  • These values are then available at the Solar Monitor Portal, where they conveniently complete a graph of the system energy overview.
  • The solution is tested in an installation at a family house together with SMA WRTP2875 inverter.


All other supported devices are listed here.