We have modified digital input processing in the SM2-MU unit in order to allow connection of a pulse output meter to each input. In the past, this was possible only for the DI3 input. The first two inputs were working as binary ones only to signal connected/disconnected state.

Now, every input (DI1, DI2, DI3) can be configured for one of following functions:

  • Input – signals connected/disconnected state
  • Counter – counts pulses from S0 meter output (electricity meter, gas meter, water meter, etc.) and displays energy information due to configured conversion ratio
  • Input and Counter – signals connected/disconnected state and at the same time displays energy values coming from inverter, tracker, battery or other bus connected meter (e.g. Fronius Smart Meter via TCP, ED310 via RS485)

Note: Now it is possible e.g. to monitor energy value from an inverter and compare it to a value obtained from a pulse electricity meter. Moreover, it is possible to compare values graphically with our Portal and also use Portal to easily export data into CSV for further processing in Excel or OpenOffice / LibreOffice.




Input functions are configured from web interface.



This function is supported since firmware revision 1.0.05 Build 16 for the following Solar Monitor units:
SM2-Start, SM2-60, SM2-300, SM2-1000

All other supported devices are listed here.

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