Because some electric meters offer energy reading not only via S0 output but via RS485 as well we have added a support for several types of these electric meters into the Solar Monitor monitoring unit.

Reading an electric meter via RS485 brings the advantage of a more precious reaction and more data reading. Those electric meters communicate according to IEC EN 62056-21 norm.


With the Solar Monitor unit you can get not only direct photovoltaic measuring, but also data from the following measuring modules:


ZPA - ED310.DR, ED310.I.DR





Values which will be monitored can be specified within the order.

Phoenix Contact - EEM-MA200

ABB - REX 521

Carlo Gavazzi - VMUE, VMUX

Schneider Electric - PM9, Sepam










Overview of quantities beeing read from electric meters.

ZPA - mPac_P, Pac, Uac, Iac, mTot_P, Tot, Supply, Sup

Phoenix Contact - mPac_P, Pac, Iac, Uac, Vac, mFac_P, mTkk_P, mHon_P, mTot_P

ABB - mPac_P, Qac, PF, Iac, Io, Uac, Uo, mFac_P, mTot_P, TotVar

Carlo Gavazzi - mPdc_P, mIdc_P, mUdc_P, mTot_P

Schneider Electric - PM9 - mPac_P, Pac, Qac, Iac, Uac, Vac, mFac_P, PF, mHon_P, mTot_P

Schneider Electric - Sepam - mPac_P, Iac, Uac, Vac, mFac_P, mTkk_P, mHon_P, mTot_P, Total


All other supported devices are listed here.