If there is a whatever reason for reducing power production of the PV plant in optimal solar conditions we can use the following procedure.

To reduce the PV plant real power production in output peaks according to the plant owner’s needs we need a monitor unit SM2-MU as well as an extension module SM2-PC connected to it.

Solar News, 7.9. 2015


The PC module is meant for a dispatching control in the first place, but we can use it to reduce the plant production as well.



The PV plant’s installed power capacity is 153 kWp and we need the active power production not to overreach 150 kW. The value 150 is equivalent to 98 % of the installed power capacity.

We set 98 % of the active power production as the maximum allowed value in the Solar Monitor’s web to which the PC module is connected to. We are not going to use any inputs on the PC module for this purpose because we do not need any.

Combination of individual inputs and their corresponding values of production control in %, alternatively cos φ values, are designated for a dispatching control which the PC module can be used for as well.


The unit will set all inverters not to overreach 98 % maximum.


Using one PC module for more places

You can remotely control production on more places by one module. On another place where you want to control the production you just place a monitoring unit where you set IP address SM2-MU to which the module for a production control is connected to. We need to reduce the production for the same value at all places.


If you are looking for the way how to avoid sanctions for overreaching the maximum agreed PV plant production the installation of the PC module is the right solution for you.


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