We have recently informed you about automatic value showing of your PV plant production into OTE. The module which reads your electricity meter figures can work even with your water and gas meters. So, you can have your PV plant production under control as well as the consumption of electricity, water and gas at your home. The youngest member of the Solar Monitor module family in combination with web portal bring you all the comfort for remote reading of installed meters.

Solar News, 30.3.2015

Which meters are readable

Remote reading by the Solar Monitor system is possible at whatever meters which are equipped by the pulse output S0, but also REED and Wiegand.

These are especially:

  • electricity meters
  • water meters
  • gas meters
  • calorimeters


Use of online meter readings

Online readings are suitable everywhere where meters are not easily accessible. Or it is necessary to read them in certain intervals without the need to visit them and spend time with it. It can be used for either automatic reading purposes or personal calculations and statistics. The most frequent applications are:

  • measuring power and heat production from renewable sources (FVE, VTE, MVE, BPS, KGJ)
  • automatic showing of produced energy from renewable sources into OTE
  • regular readings of gas and water consumption by its distributors
  • readings of consumed energy in remote buildings
  • readings of consumed energy in rented recreational cottages and boarding houses
  • household energy consumption overview
  • energy consumption readings for apartment buildings and home ownership associations


Where can I see the figures?

You can see measured values at our web Portal. Read values from your meters are updated every 5 minutes. You can have a perfect overview of your plants’ and objects’ production and consumption. Everything is visible in figures and clearly arranged graphs.


What do I need for it?

You need a meter equipped with a pulse output S0 for a remote meter reading. That in reality means that given water, gas or electric meters are equipped with terminals for data cable (twin cable) connection. It is easily connected with RM module for online readings you will get from us. You can connect 3 meters to the module which is fully sufficient for your household or a remote building. In case it is not enough we will provide you with more modules. If your meter does not have S0 output it is possible to ask your energy supplier to change it or we can help you to retrofit it with a special reading head.

To read values from bigger number of meters (exchangers, boiler rooms, apartment buildings, etc.) we have an extensible system where every added module means an increase of inputs for another 10 meters with a pulse output. But it is possible to read figures even from meters which communicate e.g. through RS485. The Solar Monitor unit can connect up to 100 of them and gets not only consumption figures, but also other given variables (e.g. current and voltage in case of an electricity meter).

Connection to the internet is the last thing you need. If it is not available on the site we have a RM-GSM module for online readings for you, which sends data through mobile operators’ networks. You put a SIM card into the module and connection to the internet is arranged. The advantage is the possibility to have this device configured remotely according to the information on labels of each measuring device.




It is possible even on a mobile

The most comfortable way is to use all system in a mobile phone or in a tablet. You have all the production and consumption meters under control even when you travel.

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