Do you monitor your plant operation and are you deciding where to safely store data? You don’t like your current data storage? Would you like to have everything under control even in an app in your smartphone?

Solar News, 26. 01. 2015

Why to monitor plant data?

Data (not only) from solar plant can be a very useful source of information for its keeper. Thanks to it you know at any time especially:

  • what is the current production, exposure value, panel temperature, wind speed, etc.

  • you are informed by email or SMS if there is not a failure of a transformer or another part of the plant

  • what is the status of a battery or an MPP tracker (at hybrid palnts), you can see the stringbox values

  • audit results, so the comparison of real and assumed production


Universal Portal

The Solar Monitor Portal of a well established Czech producer complies with all requirements for modern monitoring. It stores data from your power plant up to five minute intervals. It is adapted from small to big installations. It is suitable as for individuals as for service organizations’ controlling.


It can receive data from a lot of types of inverters, stringboxes, electricity meters, sensors, batteries or MPP trackers, safety relays, etc. You can display several steps backwards in well arranged graphs, but to make audits and export for further processing as well or compare production with other PV plants.



Compatibility with SMA Sunny WebBox and SolarMax MaxWeb units

The portal receives data from Solar Monitor units (so called data loggers) which are placed at the plant. It can work with SMA Sunny WebBox and SolarMax MaxWeb units perfectly as well.

If you have already got any of these devices at your plant and you are deciding where to store your data reliably, you have just found your solution. You do not have to purchase any other device. You simply direct the data sending to Solar Monitor Portal at your current unit and you can start using an adequate storage.



Communication with other servers

The Portal can transfer the received data to other servers. These can be service organization servers which provide their customers with other additional functions. The most important application is communication with OTE (The Electricity Market Operator) servers when users can send a report of their production into OTE in just 3 clicks directly from the Solar Monitor Portal. A corresponding invoice will come back from the OTE server in the same automatic way.




A smartphone app06

You can have your data in the form of a mobile phone or a tablet app with you all the time. The app is a full tool for a complete monitoring of your power plant or your customers’ plants. You can also send reports into OTE with it even without the need to switch on your computer.

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