Smart Energy Forum 2018 Prague

07 November 2018
6th and 7th November 2018, Prague

2nd Senior Programmer´s Fair

07 May 2018
We are exhibiting at 2nd Senior Programmer´s Fair, Saturday, May 19, 2018,

Energy Gateway for Renewables

21 March 2018
This article deals with several options of communication provided by datalogger unit SM-MU, also known as „energy gateway“.

MaviSolar Communication Protocol Implemented

19 February 2018
MaviSolar, the turkish manufacturer of inverters and solar chargers, is now supported by Solar Monitor datalogger. Mr. Fatih Kavaslar, its CEO, visited the Intersolar Europe fair in Munich last...

Intersolar Europe 2017

22 May 2017
We are exhibiting at Intersolar Europe, May 31-June 2, 2017, München.We welcome you to our stand B3.452, where we will introduce new capabilities of our product - Energy Gateway for Renewables.

Photovoltaic Forum and Energetic Conference 2016

12 October 2016
This year's 9th year of Photovoltaic Forum and 6th year of Energetic Conference are the main national actions in the field of decentralised energy with focus to world and European photovoltaic.

Galvanic Isolation

29 September 2016
Today we would like to inform you about our latest thing in the Solar Monitor Modular System. We have developed additional piggy-back boards for a galvanic isolation of RS485 bus - 485 isolator.

Device Setup in 3 Minutes!

21 September 2016
There are additional functions with the new firmware version 2.0 for the SM2-MU, which we regularly inform you about, but also a new, more modern design of the user interface with responsive...

Self Consumption Graphs on Our Portal

14 September 2016
We have added to production data a possibility to read consumption and supply into the grid from a connected meter as long as the meter directly works with the energy. Otherwise Solar Monitor...

Solar Irradiance Sensor Innovation in Cooperation with TOPTEC Center

29 August 2016
We have implemented a project Solar irradiation sensor innovation in cooperation with TOPTEC centre.

Support for GreenBonO Regulator

17 August 2016
We have added support for communication with GreenBonO regulator into the SM2-MU unit.

Satcon Inverters Supported

25 July 2016
We have added support for communication with Satcon inverters and stringboxes into the SM2-MU unit.

Support for Solutronic Inverters

29 June 2016
We have added support for communication and output control of Solutronic inverters into the SM2-MU unit.

We Now Support KMB Products

18 June 2016
We have added a protocol for communication with several meters and analysers from KMB company into the

Office Relocation to New Place

02 June 2016
On June 2, 2016 the company relocates to new building, about 500 meters from the original site.

Win a Luxury Holiday for 70,000 CZK!

05 April 2016
Buy any product with the Czech Product logo from our shop and take part in the competition for valuable prizes. The main prize is a luxury holiday of your choice for 70,000 CZK!...

Visit Our New Eshop and Pay by Card

05 April 2016
We dressed up our online store in new colors, added card payments and a number of useful features for your greater convenience when purchasing Solar Monitor products.

SM2-MU Now Handles up to 3 Pulse Meters

14 March 2016
We have modified digital input processing in the SM2-MU unit in order to allow connection of a pulse output meter to each input. In the past, this was possible only for the DI3 input. The first two...

SM2-BE or a New Addition to the Solar Monitor Family

29 February 2016
There is a new addition to the Solar Monitor module family – SM2-BE (Bus Extension) module. Its purpose is to extend main unit’s possibilities even more, or rather the whole system’s. It is not one purpose...

Booth at the Solar Prague Trade Fair

20 January 2016
In January 2016 we exhibited at the Solar Prague Trade Fair. You could have seen our products and solutions at our booth.

22nd Polish-German-Czech Business Forum

14 December 2015
We were at a business opportunity exchange in Polish Jelenia Gora on 19th November 2015. The purpose of this event is to support little, small and medium companies in establishing direct business...

Photovoltaic Forum and Energy Conference 2015

26 November 2015
We actively participated at the biggest professional conference in CZ in the field of decentralized energetics with the focus to world and European photovoltaic development on 24th and 25th November 2015. It...

Smart Energy Forum Prague 2015

10 October 2015
Branch server Solarní (Solar News) has organized a conference Smart Energy Forum for the first time this year. Our company was invited to have a presentation in a block of practical...

Renexpo Poland Warsaw 2015

25 September 2015
In September we visited Warsaw RENEXPO Poland trade fair that is currently the largest photovoltaic exhibition event in Poland.

Support for Reading Electric Meters via RS485 Bus

02 August 2015
Because some electric meters offer energy reading not only via S0 output but via RS485 as well we have added a support for several types of these electric meters into the Solar Monitor monitoring...

SolarExpo Italy Milan 2015

11 April 2015
Even in Italy we could see an effort to streamline the energy management and new hybrid solution with batteries. Power Solax company introduced water-cooled photovoltaic panels connected to the...

Summary of Hybrid System Monitoring

23 February 2015
Hybrid PVP’s manufacturers focus on maximum efficiency in using and storing the output power. However, system for easy monitoring of a particular energy flow has been rather neglected. We have added...

3rd Place in Application Trophy Contest

06 February 2015
Phoenix Contact has organized in his headquarters in Blomberg (Germany) the competition of all its 21 global offices applications. Our modular system Solar Monitor is ranked 3rd in the competition of...

Performance Ratio Tells You an Estimated Production

17 September 2014
We've just added the calculation of PR on the Solar Monitor Portal.Performance Ratio simply indicates the ratio between the energy of comming sunlight and the electricity produced by the plant.

Safety Relays and Measurement Modules Support

08 July 2014
Solar Monitor supports newly ABB REX 521, Schneider Electric SEPAM and Phoenix Contact MA 200 / 250. All other supported devices are listed